Dvd burner region changed automatically!

hi there all nice people
plzz help me in my problem

i have benq dw1650 dvd writer in my computer.the dvd writer is working with the cds fine but when i insert a software dvd inside it shows that a dvd is inserted by changing the dvd drive sign to dvd name on the left panel of windows explorer but when i click to view the contents it shows nothing and this has started happening lately so i did a little RnD n found that i dont how but somehow my dvd region has been changed to region 3.

1)so first of all is this happening because of this region change or not?

if yes then, i tried to change the region code to the one my country belong which is 5 but it shows me this error:

“unable to change the region to region 5,plzz insert a region 5 media and make sure u have administrative priviledges.”

i have 4 more attempts left to change the region.

i tried updating the firmware but no luck.
2) is there any way to change the region code to region 0 ?
3)if there is any software or firmware required to do that where could i get it.?

looking forward for the response


SoftwareDVDs have no regions normally.

Try to access the DVD in SAFE MODE.

hi sir!
oh ok thanx for the info.
but sir is it possible to access the dvd in safe mode i mean does it show dvd drive in safe mode.?


Just try it and post the result…