DVD Burner/recorder for PC and TV?


i am a newbie here. I am looking for purchasing a dvd burner/recorder that can record from TV as well as PC (Audio/Video/Data). Is there a player available. I will be very thankful if you can guide me.

Thanks a lot in advance,

Why don’t you just get a tv tuner/capture card for your computer? Then you can record tv on your computer (and burn to dvd) as well as all the normal burning functions that you would do on a computer. I’m not aware of any units that would function as a standard computer dvd burner as well as a standalone dvd burner for a tv.

The only ones I have come across do far are made by Sony. You might wanna Google these 3 models…

Sony DVDirect® VRD-MC1 DVD Recorder
Sony DVDirect® VRD-MC3 DVD Recorder
Sony DVDirect Hybrid DVD Recorder VRD-VC20

They are fairly spendy although you can find many of them on Ebay