DVD burner reads Blank DVDs as CDs

My DVD/CD burner just stopped reading blank DVDs as DVDs. Instead the icon at My Computer says it’s a DVD drive then I put in a blank DVD and it reads it as a CD. I always burn on this thing. So, I just bought a new burner, and…same exact problem with the new one, is this a software program that might of changed in my computer by accident… Please Help…

I’ll bet you’re running Win XP. I say that because XP’s File Explorer doesn’t support DVD burning. ImgBurn or Nero or anything else that supports burning DVD will still work fine.

It’s normal.

I bet you were using DVD-R media then changed to DVD+R :bigsmile:

It is normal for Win XP to show blank DVD+R as CD and DVD-R as is :iagree:

Actually the media wouldn’t make a difference would it since my burner is a + and - burner. I have used different types of media and they all read the same, Was originaly using a liteon burner for years, had the problem and bought a new Samsung and still have the same problem. What changed in my system, it happened just overnight. It has to be a setting or a recent update that changed something

Can you still burn with your burning programs?

It’s normal for Windows Explorer to show the drive as a CD Drive. Has done them with all of my drives. :iagree: There’s nothing wrong with it.

I have same problem, how do I fix it? I have 50 dvd-r. I can burn a cd, just can’t burn my dvd’s.

Thanks for any help!!

Install a burning app like Nero.

Hm, I actually read the posts a second time. Opened Nero, burned 5 pics to my dvd with out any problems. Go figure!