DVD Burner Reading abilities



I am planning to buy a DVD Burner, I specifically want a DVD that could read bad quality CD and DVDs that I burned several year ago.
My DVD Player can read these medias with no problem (Vertex 312A) But my current Combo drive can’t (CRC ERROR). so I Know its possible to read them.
Which DVD Burner should I buy, and which DVD Burner should I NOT buy?


You could buy another good reader to try with, but when CRC errors appear you are lost, mostly.


But… my DVD Player Plays these CDs without any problem. (as I wrote )


LiteOn for example are supposed to be very good readers, although the late 18x and 20x models are not greater than the competition’s models anymore.


Because it plays at a lower speed than your combo drive, I believe, so any disc errors aren’t so…obvious.

I’ve had success with older LiteOn (DVD burners) for recovering data from damaged discs.



don’t forget recent Samsung drives, they are sometimes better readers than Liteons.

There is also an option to decrease read speed using software tools like Nero Drive Speed.



can you be more specific about the models? for example is Samsung SH-S182D a good choice?



Well, my (now outdated) Samsung SH-W163A reads some discs better than my Liteon SHM-165P6S.

for example is Samsung SH-S182D a good choice?
Why not? Maybe we can expect a statement about that drive from [B]Arachne[/B], as she owns both, a SH-S182D and a SHM-165P6S :slight_smile:



Hehe…they both seem to be good readers from what I’ve experienced. However, whether this is because I handle my discs carefully or not, I don’t know.

But I’m happy to know that if my Litey (my main drive that I use for reading) goes belly-up, I have the Samsung there as backup. :slight_smile:


No degraded G05 at hand to try? :bigsmile:

Cheers, Michael


LOL! They are looooong gone :bigsmile:


in the Samsung sub-forum there is a thread review about the Samsung SH-S182D model, one user referred to Samsung SH-S182M model:


I know its not exactly the same model, but is there a base to his allegations?
he also writes that the D Model is exactly the same as the M except of the lightscribe


I’m having no such problems with my SH-S182D - some people are, which in some cases has been rectified by a special firmware, and in other cases, making sure the drive isn’t sharing a power connection with anything else.


My brother also bought an 182D and is really happy with it. No issues at all.


Yep. I like mine so much, I’m after a spare :wink: