DVD burner + Reader, mildly stupid questions

My trusty old pioneer 105 died on me recently, the painful conclusion being that i needed a new DVDRW. Painful as when i got my drive it cost almost £200, i was pleasantly supprised to find out how much less they cost these days. After reading up using that wonderful search engine i’ve decided to go with a BQ 1620, however here in sunny england i can’t find any of the damn things, except in the form of Phillips burners (same drive, different badge isn’t it?) I’m also thinking about getting a second DVD ROM to use as a reader, as it’s supposed to increase the lifespan of the burner, and be able to rip DVDs at a better speed. So, questions:

What DVD reader would you recomend?

The Phillips 1640 is the same as a BQ 1620?

Is there a BQ 1640, as i’ve found a few references to them in europe, is there any real advantages to getting one of them?

What difference is there between a phillips 1640g and a phillips 1640B (there’s a five quid difference at Dabs.com? (not buying from them, but the question stands)

How much advantage is there to getting a dedicated DVD reader? Would it be better to get a good CDRW instead?

(Oh, and there’s no massive difference between + and -? Read a long article about it here which said that + was a better standard, but that the practical differences were minimal at the moment…?)

HI there.

The Benq 1620 is available at ebuyer.com @ £27.99 + VAT for the retail kit. Over 100 in stock, so I won’t bother to answer the Philips questions.

Not a bad idea to have a decent DVD-ROM, I’ve got a Liteon SOHD-167T (from ebuyer) which works fine for me. I also have a Cd-RW installed as I prefer to burn CDs with it rather than a DVD writer. I find the quality is slightly better. Again this is a Liteon.

I use both +R & -R, but currently mainly the +R as I got some Taiyo Yuden T02 media at a good price from APR.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the help tim, looked at ebuyer, then ignored your advice and wondered down to the computer fair, picked up a phillips 1640G for 34 quid (no worries about postage etc.).

I’ve flashed it with the latest BIOS (3.5) and plugged it in, it rips fine, but it’s failed to write four times now. (Twice in nero, twice in DVD Decrypter) all four are on -R media, all cheap and nasty stuff. The burn gets to ~10% and then slows and stops, different points each time with the same write file.

It’s using x4 media, tried burning at x8 (the drive made me do it) and at x4 and with both have the same problem. The media is shite, but i’ve been using it for a while and this is a completely different problem to my previous ones.

Also nero and now DVD decrypter are crashing on the write out part, they freeze (DVD light stilll flashing) and then won’t cancell.


Old addage = “Crap Media = Crap Burns”

Or “You Get What You Pay For”


Yeah, but crap burns means you have more errors, or more chance of disks not burning.

These are all failing at one point in the burn, for no apparent reason, this problem did not occur with a different drive. I’ve been searching and it seems this is not the only time a 1640K (not G, my error) has had these problems, but no one could work out why the last time and the drive got swapped.

(The problem was with + media that time, good stuff too.)

I think i did say that it probably wasn’t the media didn’t I?

Check that DMA is on for this writer. If it’s not then you’ll get all sorts of problems.

BTW it’s never a good idea to update the firmware before ensuring that it all works OK.

DMA is on.

Have you tried removing all cd/dvd devices in device manager, removing the primary and secondary ide, and rebooting. Then windows will redetect everything. Then make sure dvd is in dma mode. If all good, try a burn using a high quality media such as verbatim or any made in japan media, and see if you get the same problem. Then you can try your cheap media again and see if it works. If not, its the media. If nothing works, you could have a bad drive. One more thing. Are you using NVIDIA chipset? If you have Sonic DLA installed, uninstall it and leave it uninstalled.

Thanks, haven’t tried the IDE trick yet, also don’t have any high grade media at the moment, the easiest way for me to get it is to pick it up the same place i got the drive, which only happens every saturday so i’d have to wait another week before exchanging the drive if it’s not the media.

I’m using NVIDA chipset i don’t think i’ve got Sonic DLA installed, looked under program manager and didn’t see it.

Uninstalled and redetected the IDE, no change. Still not sure about this sonic DLA though, will have a search for it.