DVD Burner ranking

Hi folks,

I just strolled through this board an wonder why there’s no sticky thread like “Top 5 Burners”. Or did I miss something? I would appreciate a thread like that, as I am seeking for today’s best of the best, top of the pop DVD burner.

In this forum there are always the same questions: “Which Burner is the best”, “What should I buy” and so on.

You guys at cdfreaks do a great job on reviewing the latest drives. So you have the knowledge to put up a list with strengths and weaknesses of those tested drives.

Let me try (and please feel free to correct me or add further pro’s and contra’s!) a TOP 3:

  1. Plextor PX-708A

    • superb reading/writing behaviour and speed on all formats
    • very good at copy-protected discs
    • nice design :wink:
    • price
    • a bit picky with CDR media
  2. LiteOn 811S (maybe new 812S even better, not tested yet)

    • very good reading/writing behaviour and speed
    • good against copy-protection
    • price
    • no mt. rainier
    • problems with some CDR media
    • a bit noisy
  3. NEC 2500A

    • very good reading/writing behaviour on DVD
    • quiet operation
    • price
    • not so speedy in DVD recording compared to the top dogs
    • less-than-perfect CDR writing behaviour
    • no mt. rainier

To be “political correct”, there should be also a list of not-yet-tested drives as they could also be of good quality and would possibly be able to make it into this top-list.

I’m curious what you make out of this :wink:

Kind regards,