DVD Burner Question

I’m going to get a DVD burner soon and i was wondering which one is the best.

I want to be able to make backups of my games (should have good copy protection bypass), have fast read/write capability, and as many of the bells and whistle’s dvd burners have (DVD±R Writing, DVD-RAM, DVD+RW, rewriting and double layer).

I was going to get the Plextor PX-800A. Is that a good DVD burner? Is there anything on the market that’s better? My budget for a DVD burner is up to $200.


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Check out the new Samsung SH-S203B DVD burner. It seems to be the best at the moment.

I’d go with the Pioneer 112 or 112D. It does an excellent job burning Verbatim double layer DVDs.

Preliminary reports of the Samsung SH-203B are positive in the thread about it, but I’d wait until somebody posts a double layer burn and/or the drive is more established with more firmware updates before buying it.

So that plextor isint good? I was told by a friend that plextor is the highest quality and their drives can read many different copy protection formats.

It’s not a “real” Plextor - it’s a rebadged NEC/Optiarc drive. You may as well buy one of those instead, for far less money.

Plextor stopped making their own drives a little while back.

I purchased that one!

I dont have any burnable dvd’s yet though. :smiley:

Thanks for the help!

$200?? you can buy at least 4 drives, plenty to pick and choose with that budget. Since you already have the samsung SH-S203B, play with it, dont even bother with the plextor drive. You dont need another drive since you dont even have material to burn so that drive is sufficient for you. Unless you want a reader/ripper to complement that drive, then get any lite-on, I find it a good reader, even copy protected DVD

Last time i bought a burner was 6 years ago, and in those days that’s what they cost. I didn’t realize the price came down so much.

I already have a 2nd drive for reading, its an LG DVD Reader.

just get the Samsung 203, currrently the best!

I already got it (look up 3 posts)

That Samsung is supposed to be a great drive. Some say its as good as they get. I have yet to see them for sale in the USA, but I will get one when they arrive.:iagree:

The store i got mine, doesnt sell - it was a custom order.