DVD Burner Question

I have a 16X DVD Burner & here is the problem:
It will not burn at 16x (never could) only at 8x.
Now, it will only burn at 4x.

Would could be the problem?
Is my dvd burner failing & on the way out?


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We need a bit more to go on - what make and model is your burner, and what’s the firmware (Nero InfoTool will give you this info).

What discs are you using? Pop one of them into the drive, download and run CD-DVD Speed, and check the Disc Info tab - we need the “MID” info. :slight_smile:

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You might not be running in UDMA mode. Here’s a guide. What brand/model of burner do you have?

Hello & Thank You!

My burner is a Samsung TS-H552U.
I am using Fuji Discs (16x).
Using Nero 6.

How big is your hard drive, how much free space and do you defrag regularly? A full or fragmented drive will gradually slow down your burns. As for 16x burns, don’t get hung up on speed, if you can get good quality burns at 8x or 12x don’t worry about 5 extra min.

Discs not supported by burner, a common problem. Buy Verbatim iso Fuji.

I have been using Fuji’s with no problem for years, now all of a sudden I can’t even burn at 8x, I’m afraid that after awhile , I won’t be able to even burn at 2x!

Should I replace my burner (upgrade)?

They often change their media sources, as other manufacturers do aswell.

I have a dvd burner named TSSTcorp DVD±RW TS-L632D . My burner software shows roxio/nero/ashampoo cd/dvd burned successfully. But if i reinsert the disc , it comes up again as blank cd/dvd. i upgraded my firmware. can anybody help me? please… Thanks