DVD Burner Purchase



I want to acquire an LG DVD burner.

Criteria for what I want:Must be a three sheep burner.
Must be able to yeild high quality burns.

Quiet is a plus (not necessary), although I want riplock removed as much as possible, (quiet inducing packaging?)A lot of LG drives exist. I would like to know what are my options.


To my knowledge, there are no 3 sheep burners at all in existence of any brand.


If this is true what drives would come closest?


I think the GSA-4166B can handle SD 2.90. Check the review for it :


The GSA-H20L, which is a newer model meant to replace the 4166B uses a similar chipset and so may also be able to handle SD 2.90 but I’m not sure. The drive is still quite new and I haven’t found any reviews for it which test that feature yet.

Edit : There is some conflicting information on whether certain drives are 3 sheep capable or not. According to the local tests down using Alex Noe’s sheep test, no drive I’ve ever seen is a 3 sheep drive. Yet according to cdrinfo’s reviews, the 4166B can handle SD 3.1 :

(the HP 840b is a rebadged LG GSA-4166B - look at the label in the introduction section - you can see the GSA-4166B model number on it)


I am unable to edit the initial post to this thread.

I wanted to add that I also would like LightScribe.


I have not had time yet to read all the information posted or referenced by karangguni.

I shall try to do it tomorrow.


Then you need GSA-4166B.


I have now read the reviews for GSA-4166B. It seems like a good drive. I shall try to get it.


The lowest price I have found for the GSA-4166B is $62.11 (shipping included) at http://www.a2zcomp.com/buy.asp?REF=12&SKU=GSA4166BI . I am not sure how good of a dealer is a2zcomp.com; their Reseller Rating is not very good.

Has anyone here seen a better price or dealer with a good price?

Acording to the above extract from the FAQ in this forum, some drives may be cross flashable to the GSA-4166B.


It seems that LightScribe ability has not always resulted after a cross flash to GSA-4166B. What drives should I be able to cross flash to the GSA-4166B and be able to use LightScribe?

I am now attempting to find the lowest price for GSA-4166B or its eqivalent (after a cross flash). Help would also be appreciated.

It seems odd that HP drives that are GSA-4166B are priced higher than LG’s drives that are GSA-4166B.


Only LG GSA-2166D can be cross-flashed for sure.
As for the others you would need to find drives of the very first series (quite impossible).



Yup, Sascha is right. We only got that information about lightscribe ability clarified last week by another poster (2601) and I haven’t got around to updating the FAQ about that yet.


Ah. OK. Thanks.

I can’t seem to find the GSA-4166B for under 65 dollars from a decent reseller.


FWIW, I have this drive and it’s pretty good. Does Lightscribe well, too. Get it if you can’t find it cheaper.


I have not yet acquired GSA-4166B.

I am thinking that instead of acquiring GSA-4166B, I may be better off acquiring two DVD burners:A good LG DVD burner (see initial post to this thread; with exception to “Must be a three sheep burner”) that is as close to three sheep consideration as possible, without LightScribe support;

and a cheap DVD burner capable of burning LightScribe well.I am thinking that the price of GSA-4166B is greatly due to LightScribe support (correct this if incorrect).

With the new (at time of post) information of this post, what are my options?