DVD Burner Problems

I have now a ASUS DRW-20B1ST DVD burner. This is the third burner I have interfaced to my GigaByte MB Model ALiveNF6P-VSTA aka GIGABYTE GA-MA74GM-S2 MotherBoard

When I insert a blank “DVD” the windows pop up comes up “Blank CD”

I have 4 SATA ports and have tried them all. I have used NERO 8/DVD SANTA and Convert XtoDVD none work. I have tried 4.7 and 8.5 DVD’s still no help

The unit will burn CD’s fine but will not burn DVD’s

Thanks for the help

Will it recognize/play known good DVD’s? I suspect is likely isn’t recognizing your media properly. Ensure you have the latest firmware installed. Try a different brand/type of media. Otherwise, it sounds like a bad burner.

Unfortunately not all chipsets work correctly with SATA optical drives. Silicon Image and Intel chipsets do, and you may need to get PCI SATA adapter with Silicon Image chipset if you have available PCI slot. Another option might be to exchange the SATA drive for an IDE drive.