Dvd burner problems

my dvd burner originaly worked with dvd x copy. now, the finished dvd won’t play in a dvd player or computer dvd player, even though it says the burn completed successfully. any suggestions?

That means although the burning process completed but burned disc was not finalized you have to go back to the process and finalize the disc.

Dvdxcopy is out of business as far as I know they were sued and lost!! What media are you using and what dvd writer and firmware. You can try other software -I like clonedvd and anydvd from slysoft.com. You can also use dvdfab and there are some free programs. You can search this forum for alot of info. Good luck.

Eventhough the company is no longer in business bur the program (DVDXCopy) is still functional.

How could this software be functional if it hasnt been updated in about a year???

Many things could be wrong. Perhaps your burner has burned out. You could have downloaded something which screwed up your dvdxcopy. Try using something like nero or imgburn and see if it will burn anything that can be read. Try different media. If nothing works, it’s likely your burner that has died. It could still be able to read, and not be able to write.