DVD Burner Problems

my dvd burner is having problems.

  1. its only capable of reading and writing at 2x now even though its a 16x +/- format burner. its a TDK DVDRW1612DLB.

  2. what can i do to get it back to normal?

  3. how long does it usually takes for a DVD burner to be spoilt? i’ve burned ard 60 DVD+Rs already. pls advice. Thanks.

  4. how do i compress 2 movies into 1 DVD5 and still have active menus for both?

Thanks in advance.

one more thing, i realised that my buffer is malfunctioning…

the buffer, not the used buffer.

is your DMA mode enabled?

i should think so as this is the first time the used buffer is malfunctioning