DVD burner problems (im a newbie)

I just bought a new dvd burner off of new egg and its a DVD BURN LG|GH22LS30 22X LS SATA and i tried plugging it in and it powers up and opens but my computer cant seem to find it and i cant find anything in my bios menu that says sata. My old one has that huge ribbon cable on it but i want to keep that one and have my new one a second drive. can anyone help please? dont know too much about computers.

What is the make and model of your computer? You need one that supports SATA it sounds like you hooked up the power but not the SATA cable need for it to work.

i hooked up the sata cable too. its a custom computer so no idea what kind it is.

Do you have the disk with the SATA drivers on it? They might not have been installed if your hard drive and your other drive are IDE drives (flat ribbon cable)

i do have the driver disc and installed it. how else could i download the drivers?

Look in your bios and see if the sata is set to auto

what would sata be under? i didnt see it anywhere. if i can actually find it and it is set to auto what should it be set to? there are two sata ports on my mother board but like i said dont see it anywhere on my bios menu

Really need to know what your motherboard is (make and model). Did they give you a manual with the computer?

no it was a friend that built it for me a few years ago.

can anyone help me on this? to me its pretty messed up

Try this program, http://www.gtopala.com/, SIW, it can tell you a lot about your system. Under the Hardware tab is Motherboard tab. This program is portable, it can run from a flash drive if you don’t want to install it on your PC.