DVD Burner Problem

My new-ish DVD burner is really acting up right now, most of these things happened one at a time, and it has been constantly failing for a while now with more and more things going wrong.

It is a Samsung SH-W162C 16X DVD±RW 5X Dual Layer DVD Write OEM (In windows/BIOS It claims to be a SH-W162Z and will only run at all with firmware from SH-W162Z though)

(note that I have Taiyo Yuden TYG-02 DVD-Rs, which used to burn fine, and Ritek CD-Rs, which also used to burn fine)

What it can’t do, but should:

[li]Can not read Burned CD-Rs
[/li][li]Can not read Blank CD-Rs (burning software claims there is no disc in drive, and the drive continuously spins the disc with busy light flashing)
[/li][li]Can not read Blank DVD-Rs (same symptoms as cds)

What it can do:

[li]Read Sony Burned DVD-RW
[/li][li]Read most Pressed DVD’s/CD’s

What I have done:

[li]Flashed drive multiple times using different firmware versions
[/li][li]Flashed it to similar model’s firmware
[/li][li]Disconnecting/uninstalling, doing everything to the point windows has no record of the drive, and reinstalling it
[/li][li]Booted up in Linux to try and burn
[/li][li]Connected another computers CD-R/RW drive and burned successfully, but alas it is not a DVD burner, and I need it on the other computer

The drive has always been acting a bit weird and it would decide not a read 1 in a 100 discs for some reason. But most of the problems occured after I installed BlindWrite with Patin-Couffin. I have since tried to uninstall it but patin-couffin is as annoying to remove as spyware. I have assumed that maybe this could be the cause, but this also happened soon after I bought the spindle of Ritek CD-Rs I have, I burned ~5 discs of them with no problem before blindwrite. also note that blindwrite flat out refused to burn the cd, and this was the first occurance of it and why I think it is a possible cause. Is there any possible way Blind-Write, Patin-Couffin, or My Ritek CD-Rs could have seemingly permanently damaged my Drive. Or did the drive just fail with no relevance to anything, it is a 11 month old drive, so I wouldn’t see it as old.

If My burner is just flat out busted, advice for the best DVD Burner in the ~$50 range would be great.
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I don’t know why you didn’t get moved or get an answer.

Some software can mess up an optical drive. I don’t know which software though. I guess the best way to see if the drive is okay is to put it into another computer.

In case you do want to buy another drive, you can get a good one for under $40 including shipping. Most around here don’t use Samsung. Personally I would probably buy a Liteon 165H6 or 165P6.

Thank you for the answer, I will look into those drives on my next computer parts purchase.

I am looking for the drivers for my dvd burner because i lost the original disc
it is a magicspin8x if theres nobody that cant help please reply back

Windows has it own drivers for CD/DVD burners. You do not need to download any.