Dvd Burner Problem

I’ve had my i/o magic burner since Aug of 2004. I never had a problem with it until about 3 weeks ago. When I burn a cd in nero, it starts out normal. Then the read buffer start going down to zero and then The light on my burner stop blinking red. Its come back on in about 5 sec later. It actually complete the burn process . But the disc is only good in the beginning, it starts messing up at the middle or the end. I went to the i/o magic website and spoke with one of the technician. They told me I should try and used TDK, MAXWELL and some other discs. That wasn’t no help, I’m still having the same problem. By the way, Sometimes this happen and sometime it don’t. I can burn a dvd r without experiencing this problem at all.

Can you check your DMA settings? Assuming you are using WinXP you can do it by following the instructions on this site


If its disabled enable it and let us know how it goes. Of course using better media (ie Taiyo Yuden) can only help :slight_smile:

dma is already enable

If the read buffer is dropping, then the problem is with your hard drive or system. Check DMA on ALL drives, and then uninstall the IDE controller and reboot. Some CDRW drives will create unreadable discs if buffer under-runs occur too often.

Try turning off the indexing service & system restore.