DVD Burner problem recognizing R/W DVD's



Hello everyone.

My real name is Doug but I use Franky5 or a variation for most things.
I am new to this forum and have been reading posts and FAQ’s for the past several days.
I have to say that the information given on this site is terrific. I have been using computers since 1966 but only get into the guts on occasion. Unfortunately the progression of hardware and software over the years have left me in the dust.

When I have a problem I dig as deep as I can and most times find the answer, thanks to good folks like yourself, and those that post replys. Your all a blessing to those of us that know less.

The Problem:

(I’ll try to keep this short)

I have an HP computer running XP SP3. It has been a good machine for I think 6 years now. All updates are in place.
Particulars are as follows:

CPU AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+
Cpu Socket Socket AM2 (940)

Memory Summary
Maximum Capacity 4096 MBytes
Maximum Memory Module Size 1024 MBytes

It has a CD/DVD burner TSST TS-H652L
and a read only drive.

The problem is with the burner drive or something associated with the burner drive when using DVD R/W disks. It has worked okay in the past but just recently has stopped recognizing a R/W DVD. I can read and write a CD and read or play a DVD R disk. (Ihaven’t tried to burn a DVD R disk as yet.)

I have flashed the drivers and uninstalled them and allowed Windows to reinstall on rebootseveral times with no help.

I just today came across a Windows forum post stating this problem was common with SP1 and SP2. SP3 resolved the problem. The last post on this was dated 2007. I already have SP3 installed.

I’m thinking of reinstalling SP3 but I am not totally sure I should.

My question is: Do you think it is okay to reinstall SP3 over the existing SP3?

Thank you for any advice,

(I prefere woodworking. At least I can see the problems better.)



Installing a M$ ‘SP’ over an existing ‘SP’ is perfectly OK and may even help a misplaced widget in the original ‘SP’

(the difference between a PC and woodworking = if you make a mistake in woodworking - you usually have to scrap it and start over - with a pc you can often do a System Restore to an earlier time and save the majority of your work)


Thank you Bigmike7. I forgot to mention that I did try a restore but it didn’t help. I will try the reinstall of SP3 and see what happens. It’s odd that this never happened when I was still running SP2.

I see that Microsoft has just released the latest batch of updates. I think I will install those before I do the SP3 reinstall.

Thanks again, Franky5


I have never liked using R/W DVD’s, and use only DVD+R. So have you tried to use the the Write Once Discs? If this doesn’t work, and the reinstall of SP3 doesn’t solve the problem. You might need a new Drive, and probably the best solution. Your HP computer is 6 years old, and so is the Hardware, that’s old for a computer. The DVD Burners are not hard to replace, just disconnect the Power and Interface, loosen a few screws and slide the old one out. Then slide the new one in and replace the connections, and you are Hot to Go! :cool:


Hello alchav21

Thanks for the reply. I haven’t tried to write to a DVD+R yet but I will give it a try. The only reason I use a R/W in the first place is that the ‘other’ person that lives here always wants to make changes!! I have so many useless disks now it’s pitifull.

Even though it is an old computer, the burner has only made 10 data file DVD’s and maybe 2 dozen data file CD’s and one DVD movie plus this last side show. I was holding out until the Windows 8 is out to replace my computer. Almost made it!!!:frowning:

I didn’t describe the mode of failure which makes me suspect the drive also. The record session completed and I put the DVD in my DVD player hooked to my TV. It played for about 4 minutes then froze. I was able to play the DVD on the other computer read only drive with no trouble.

If I put the disk back in my DVD player hooked to the TV and fast forward past the hang up spot it will play normal again. I found 2 places in the recording like that.

Anyway, if I find what fixes it I will post the fix.

Take care, Franky5



I created a small file and was able to burn to a DVD + R disk and then read it. I guess for now I’m going to try a full blown slide show and see what happens. I really don’t want to put a new drive in this old c’puter.

I was considering a USB external burner if one day I get a lap top. By then maybe the burners available in a lap top will be all I need. More stuff to look at!!!

Take care and thanks for the input. Franky5


You believe in Slimtype burners as solution?

Well, good luck then…


Try better media if you are not already using Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden RW .
My bet is a failing drive though.