DVD burner prevents pc from cold start

Hi. I’m having a very weird boot problem. If my 3-month new GSA-H54N DVD-ROM is connected to my computer, my pc cannot perform cold start. The fan will start and the dvd-rom will be read with its lights flashing for a bit, but nothing else happens. No hard drive read or bios. The monitor will not receive any signal either.

If I leave the pc on for a couple of minutes and press restart a few times, the pc will start. After this, it will have no problem running or restarting, but still can’t do a cold start if I turn it off.

I tried different boot orders, adding/removing other optical drives, switching data cables, new power supply, but nothing works. If I disconnect my dvd-rom, everything is fine.

The driver I have is HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H54N

Thanks in advance,