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Hi all. This might be the wrong forum for this but I figured what better place to ask than where the trouble issues are located. I currently use a lite-on but given the difficulties it has in conjunction with anydvd which drive would serious burners recommend? I suspect I have burned over 1500 dvd’s and several hundred cd’s with this current drive so I am looking for something equally reliable but compatible with anydvd. Thanks


@ Droidly,

Suggest Pioneer DVR-111 and/or NEC ND-7170. Both of these DVD Burners work very well with the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software combination. Both of these Burners produce excellent results with Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim Media.



Hi bjkg,

Thanks for the info. I looked for either of those drives at Best Buy without any luck. Can you recommend an online site for purchase? I currently use TDK DVD’s from Costco if that is a good combo let me know. Thanks, Andre


@ droidly,

Suggest checking with NewEgg.Com (http://www.newegg.com). I have dealt with these folks for sometime now and have found their prices very reasonable and their service outstanding ->

Concerning DVD Media -> I highly recommend Taiyo Yuden Media from Rima.Com (http://rima.com). In many circles Taiyo Yuden Media is considered proven quality top of line the Media that produces error free results.


I have both the Pioneer DVR-111 and NEC ND-7170 and these Burners burn Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8x speed TYG02 Media at 12x speed with flawless results.



Benq - 1650 or 1655. Reads anything and writes to anything!
If you can find them . . . .
The TDK branded 8x & 16x CMC media from Costco that I have used has worked very nicely in these Benq models. Be sure to update to the latest/greatest firmware.



So I took your advice and bought a pioneer dvr-112 and I love it. What would you suggest for media type for DL (dual layer) I don’t see many choices out there except for verbatim which I hate or ritek (Ritek Ridata Double Layer 8.5GB 2.4X DVD+R DL White Inkjet Printable in Cake Box - Free Ground Shipping) from here http://www.supermediastore.com/ritek-double-layer-dvd-plus-r-white-inkjet-printable.html)) remove the )) for link.
Also, the only time I ever tried to burn a DL it failed to play but that was with my older Lite-on and I have no idea what the media type was since it was over a year ago. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I own a Pioneer DVR-112D and it works great.


@ droidly,

Glad to hear that you enjoy your Pioneer DVR-112D.

For consistent error free results suggest using Verbatim DL Media. At this time/date Verbatim DL Media is the only DL Media that consistently provides quality error free results.

I don’t known if you are interested in crossflashing your Pioneer DVR-112D to Buffalo DVR-112L Firmware, which provides auto Bit Setting, and DVD-RAM burning. If you are interested below are CD Freak Forum links for Forum Member’s koba DVR-112D to DVR-112L Flashing Package. In the Flashing Package is an “Instructions” text file that explains the flashing procedure. In reviewing Forum Member’s koba comments in the below CD Freak Forum links provides background information concerning the flashing procedure.








I would ask what your dislike of Verbatim is. They make the best easily findable DL media out there IMO. Ritek is nothing but a spindle of problems as far as I’m concerned. I have a spindle of 25 that I finally burned through and not one of them is reliable. I’ve never had an issue with the Verbatim SL or DL discs myself. I know others who use them and don’t have problems with them either. I’m curious as to what your (apparently bad) experience with them is.


As far as Verbatim is concerned I have had a mess of problems both cd and dvd but this was several drives ago and I have stayed away from them since then. I have strictly used TDK cd and dvd with 100% satisfaction over the last few years. I started with them out of convience since their media is sold at Costco and ultimately I am a big fan because of the overall quality. I will try the verbatim DL’s and let you know how it goes. Is there a preference for movie burning regarding the dvd-r dvd+r and the same goes for the DL. Will the + or - have any effect on burn?
I am not sure if I will flash my drive, maybe you could give me some pro’s and con’s plus the links you posted are either inaccurate or I don’t know how to edit them.


Here a warning if your drive is still under warranty I would advise against it. If it is out of warranty go ahead and flash the drive to your content. But flashing your taking some risk as it might not flash properly or flash wrong so before you do flash make sure you know what your doing and first off check the manufacture site for their firmware incase they have firmware update. But in whatever case if it’s under warranty don’t flash your drive as doing so will void your warranty and you will have to purchase a new drive or pay them to fix your drive.