DVD burner powered by laptop

I am planning to buy an IBM Thinkpad X41 tablet that does not have an optical drive. I want to be able to record CD’s and DVD’s without having to use AC power.

Two questions: is this a good idea? That is, do members have a good experience with laptop-powered drives?

Second, what are my product options, and what do you recommend? Apparently one of the LaCie DVD/CD burners can be powered by the laptop. That is the only one I have found so far.

I would sincerely appreciate your advice.

Thank you!

Judy M

I wouldn’t if i were you, i’ve no particular reason for this feeling other than the idea that you need a fair amount of juice to burn a disk, and that even if it might work off a USB source it’ll drain your battery like lightning.

Why not with A/C? If you need to transfer files then use a USB key, there might be a need for CD/DVD where you can’t use AC power but i can’t think of it myself. Limiting yourself in this way would not be a great plan.