DVD burner plus printing capability?

I have heard that there are these dvd burners that can also print on the cd after burning is this true if so where can i find these kind of burners (i would search but i dont know what they are called)

DON’T THINK SO. There are printers that will print labels onto printable discs. The shinny disc are not suitable to print to, the ink won’t dry. I have an EPSON that prints labels on the disc. There is another printer a CANNON that is almost as good. GOOD LUCK.

Yes, there are automated duplication systems that include printing. All you need is a few thousand dollars. Here’s one.

mmm actually i wasnt talking about a Printer that could do it i was talking more of the lines of a DVD BURNER that could do this for those that think there are none here is one http://www.supermediastore.com/benq-dw1625-16x-dvd-lightscribe-retail-drive-black.html

I just wanted to know if there were other dvd burners like that one

I assume you are referring to the LightScribe ability?

If so, there are several dvd drives which have this option - including the BenQ 16225.

However, I am not sure whether they are all based on the same model, at the moment?

Here in the UK, there is also the HP 640i which sells for ~ £50.00 (Retail model).

Seems there is a new Seiko cd/dvd printer that has an optional burner built in. It was announced for March, but no more info…