DVD burner plays audio, data, but not DVDs


I just installed an Emprex 16x DRW10161M into my PC as the master drive with a cd-rw burner as a slave. I’ve updated the firmware and my pc seems to recognize the drive. However, I am having an odd problem. The burner will detect and play audio cds and likewise it will open word documents from a data cd, but when I try to play a DVD movie (not a copied one, just a normal, store bought version of Mitch Hedberg) with Real player or Windows Media player the DVD starts playing two seconds or so of the animation before the selection menu and freezes. Then the program shuts down and windows says that windows has encountered a problem and needs to close, the code is 0xc0000005. Any help would be appreciated. I haven’t even attempted to burn a DVD-r.

install Power DVD or similar program!

Awesome. I can play DVDs now on WMP. Thanks for the help.

However, the movies seem to be taking up a lot of my CPU, which didn’t happen with my older DVD drive. Also, the video is not in synch with the audio at times. Any advice as to how to solve this? Thanks.

definate CPU usage problem! Close out extra programs or get more memory or clean your system on all spyware!

I did a scan with adware and there was just a tracking cookie. I noticed that my screen had some static so I changed the refresh rate from 60hz to 70hz and this made my DVDs take up even more cpu. Any suggestions as to how to keep my refresh rate at 70hz and still play smooth DVDs? Thanks.

Ok, now I noticed that DVDs play great in Power DVD but they’re out of synch and take up all my cpu in WMP and Real Player. I really don’t like Power DVD as a problem so if you have any suggestions as to how to get these programs to work I’d really appreciate it. I have powerDVD 5.0 and I’m going to upgrade to 6.0 but I doubt this will solve it.

Ok, upgraded to 6.0 and DVDs play slightly better in WMP. The audio and video are in synch. But the screen keeps flickering and it’s still using 100% of my cpu. Is there another program besides Power DVD that you guys can recommend (I don’t know if the decoding is much different)?

Something on your system is a memory hog! How much RAM do you have? You need 512 IMHO!

Try to adjust some settings in PowerDVD. Also check the gfx-card drivers settings and those for the Workbench (control panel > display, adjust screen refresh rate). Flickering should went away.

You also could try with Zoomplayer - very great player!

New Problem! I installed intervideo’s xpack decoder and the DVDs were playing great. HOWEVER, now my mpegs/avi files are not able to seek (I can’t fast forward ahead by moving the progress bar is different places). I tried rolling back WMP to 9 and that didn’t change anything. I tried installing another encoder over intervideo (there was no uninstall file, I had to delete the intervideo folder, which may not have been a clean uninstall) but I think intervideos problem might be in the registry or something. Does anyone have a utility to remove all dvd encoder software or how I can solve this? Thanks .


Just noticed that mpgs actually seek, but wmv and avi don’t.