DVD Burner - PIKAONE/DVDXCopyPlatinum

I have recently bought the above (cheapo at Maplins), and whilst it burns CDs with no problems (using Nero), I bought DVDXCopy Platinum just before the boom was lowered on them, and am having problems making back-ups of my DVDs. The program/burner makes copies which it says are successful, but they will only play back on the PIKAONE burner; when I put them into either of my other DVD players, the machines wont recognise the disc!! I have tried the DVDXcopy helpline, and have removed/disabled most of my programs, but to no avail. Anyone else had problems with either PIKAONE or DVDXCOPY, and can suggest a solution??

See if you can change the book type of the DVD. This helped with my DVD+RW drive.

Go here to see if your stand alone players will play DVD+R/RW or DVD-R/RW as some players have problems playing burnt media or just specific types.
Try lowering your burn speed and what media are you using as cheap media can cause these problems.