Dvd burner "partially" recognised

I have a nec 3540a mounted as a master on a secondary ide channel on a w2k-xp dual boot system. There is a pioneer cd-rom drive mounted as slave on the same channel.

Under w2k-sp4, i have no problem at all.

Under xp-sp1, the nec drive is not visible under Explorer while the pioneer drive is. Through TweakXP, I checked that the drive was NOT hidden (it just doesn’t appear on the drive list). The odd thing is that under the Device tab of the control panel, the drive is listed as it should be and “it is running normally”.

This is a new incident which appeared suddenly. I haven’t installed any new equipment recently.

By the way, when I boot, I get the message that the Secondary Master device (the NEC drive) is not ATAPI compatible although everything looks fine in the BIOS! This message appeared at the same time I ran into this incident.

Any suggestion is welcome.

Replace the IDE cable or unplug the CD-ROM and test again.

I’ve had similar problems with XP sp1/2 when a drive has suddenly disappeared or indeed some software?
I’ve never been able to completely explain what caused it but sometimes a reboot cures the problem or several pots of coffee and a late night.
XP is on the whole very stable but I still keep a clone of the C drive just in case.

then have a closer look at the PSU, it could be too weak or slowly dying.

Hi chef
If the comment was for me its not the power supply that’s fine.
Sometimes it coincides with a software update but most of the problems are with Microsoft software.
Word in particular. :rolleyes:

Uh, then have a look at some Linux dists. :wink:

I see the point concerning microsoft software. However, there is this error message which I get from AMI at boot time and telling me that the drive is not atapi compatible. This message coincided with the problem.

Furthermore, I installed a brand new Antec power supply last April. Temperature of disks are ok so power supply must be working fine.

Normally this problem comes up when either the IDE cable or the drive is defective.


Try a new IDE cable…I came across that error in a friend’s machine, a new cable fixed it right up. :slight_smile:

Problem solved through the BIOS.

I have an Asus P4P800 MB. In IDE Configuration, Enhanced Mode was selected under Onboard IDE Operate Mode. This is the recommended setting when running W2k or XP. When I replaced Enhanced Mode by Compatible Mode (recommended for prior Windows versions, i.e., Me, 98, etc.), the dvd problem disappeared. It shouldn’t have worked that way but it did.

Thanks to all for your suggestions.

Yes! Always keep a check on the BIOS and update it! People forget to update the most important item on their computer!

Also go to the MOBO site and update your drivers and stuff!

I agree but in this case I had to specify a setting which was apparently inappropriate for the environment I had! I had already checked my BIOS before opening this thread. It’s only when nothing else worked that I started to play around with the BIOS parameters, irrespective of their significance.

There it goes again.
Windows lost my USB scanner and I had to reinstall the drivers again.