Dvd burner or standalone player---which one is the culprit?


I 've been burning dvd-r/+r for years with no problems.

Out of nowhere, my player doesn’t want to recognize some of my new dvd-r/+r’s that I burn. All the old dvd-r/+r’s play fine.

I have a Lite-on 411s and a Pioneer dvd player. I’m using latest Clone Dvd.

I’ve tried all sorts of different media labels and types. Sony, verbatim,memorex, no name…

It seemed for a while that the noname dvd-rw’s worked the best.

Here’s what makes it complicated. I can play ALL the burnt movies on my kids cheap Magnavox tv/dvd combo.

This leads me to believe that my pioneer standalone player is shot. I have another Toshiba dvd player that won’t play any of the discs either, but I think that Toshiba is a piece of crap.


I’ve been asking for help from you guru’s for years, and you always seem to be the authority.

What is the process I can go through to diagnose this?

Thanks in advance,


It could be the player, or the media. I have had some players that I thought I figured out, and could burn back-ups and get them to play then out of the blue the player doesn’t like them anymore. The first best place to start is with quality media. Like Sony, or Verbatim. Usually not Memorex, and I have never had any luck with -rw media in a picky player. On a side note, I loaned a dvd to a family member he tried to play it in a Sony combo dvd/vcr that has in the past been very picky, like it would play half the movie then just quit. Well, the disc killed his dvd player. (I know the disc didn’t really kill it, just a conicendence)Yup, he had to manually open the drawer and it would not open or close again. I directed him to a philips 5960 for $59. Now he can play anything. Good Luck.

Thats a tricky one. When I had a Toshiba DVD rom in my PC it would play only certain types of disks, such as 8x Sony and HP. The others, even HQ Taiyo Yuden it wouldnt even see at all. All these i burned with 832Liteon. But then later I tried Benq1640 and it made those same TY play in Toshiba.
So I think its about finding the perfect match…or getting Pioneer 111 :smiley: