DVD Burner opens randomly

my 3 weeks old 1640 started to open about 2-3 cm every time i boot and doesn´t close again which is very annoying. Now it evens opens randomly during normal windows tasks :frowning:

I didn´t install new hardware or new programs so i´m clueless what is causing this. It looks like it gets an impuls to open the tray but don´t have ebough power to push it fully out. It stays stuck at 2-3cm and i have to put it back in manually.

Any ideas?

Have you runa virus or trojan scan lately? there are some virus/trojans that will cause this type of behavior.

i just did a full system scan, apparently all is clean.
very strange

I think your drive tray mechanism is bad. You should consider returning it for warranty work/replacement.


i hate that