DVD burner only burns CD

My Philips DVD+RW-28__1.29 plays and burns CDs but it does not play or burn DVDs. When I log on the drive I get “I/O Device error” message.
Could you please advise how to solve this problem?

The information about your Philips drive is meaningless, it only indicates the firmware version of 1.29. You need to post the actual model number. Do you have a third-party software to play and burn DVDs?

Probably its a 1st gen DVD+RW drive, a Ricoh clone of the 5120.

Post an infotool output.

Hi and Welcome![quote=1dani;2158718]My Philips DVD+RW-28__1.29[/quote]You mean [B]DVD+RW-D28[/B] perhaps?
If so, this is an ancient 2.4x DVD writer. I seriously doubt, this unit will handle any DVD blank media available today.
You my check if there is some “newer” firmware: http://www.storageupdates.philips.com/en/dvdrw.html

Seems, it’s time to buy something new.