DVD burner on the fritz or bad media?

Hey all, I’ve just had something wierd to me …

I’d be doing some backups, and then i get a “Seek Error” in nero while burning one disk. then the next several are ok, until I get another wierd error - nero spits out the disk and says its not a blank disk - after it writes the lead in…

And after that - for the next few burns, or trying to burn, (all i’m doing is coasters at this point) - the motor spins up then down - wash, rinse, repeat if you get my drift…

Is this a bad batch of media in the lower half of the spindle or is it the burner?

My dvdrw drive is an LG GSA-4163B
And the media i’ve been using is TDK’s (Disk id code TTH02) white printable label 16x dvd-r (100 pack spindles, bought last year at Costco , the buy one get one free deal)

Its not the powersupply as its just a 1 1/2 yr old Coolermaster Real Power 450W (RS-450-ACLX). And theres no other problems with the system (crashes or anything). Nor is it under heavy load. Powering a 2500 Barton, 2gb ram, 1x 240gb ide hd, 1x 80gb hd, 1x lg dvd burner, 5 case fans (2x 120mm, 2x 92mm, 1x 80mm), and a x1600pro ati agp card.

I did a bit of Googling and found -= this thread =-

But then again, i had burnt about 6 dvdr’s over the span of today (not one after another) prior to getting this set of errors and issues.

Btw, i’ve got a 92mm fan mounted above the drive in the 5 1/4" bays above it and a 80mm rear exhaust fan at the same level in the case. (its an old atx super tower), so i know heat builldup / overheating shouldn’t be an issue…

I don’t have any other brand media on hand to try except some DL’s i’d rather not waste. And if its a bad bit of media, its the first i’ve ever had in this 16x 100pk spindle, and another 2 TDK 8x 50pk’s.

Lastly, if its the drive that’s gone kaput, any recomendations for a new drive?
I’ve got available locally for a decent price:
LG H42N / H50N , H50N/H54N, H42L
Pioneer DVR-112
Asus 1814BL

Otherwise i’d have to order one, something from -= this list =-

Thanks guys & gals.