Dvd burner not showing (Sony DW-D22A)



hi is there any chance to fix a dvdwriter after i accidentally put a wrong firmware.cuz its dosent even show my device on my computer tab. i check the device manager and the drive is not there,i also open my pc and all the wire is ok.and all of this happend after i put a wrong filmware… this what happend…i have (sony dvd rw dw-D22A) and i update it to (LiteOn SOHW-1653S). after i update i try to play dvd and dint work.but i still can see the device on computer tab.and after that i try to update again to (Sony DRU-800A ) then after that device is not showing anymore.:frowning: i think if im right i should get the update like (LiteOn SOHW-1633S ) ?? for
(sony dvd rw dw-D22A) ? hmm may be im wrong?.guys is there any solution for that? .and if theres none whats the best dvd burner in your opinion? …thanks a lot guys… :bow:




i like lite-ons :slight_smile: currently using a pioneer 115d :slight_smile:

heres the results for the favorite drives


thanks for the fast anwser troy512. you guys rock :clap: