DVD Burner not recognized by Win Explorer

I have seen this problem posted all over the web, but there is never a sufficient answer. The drive works fine with some software, but not with others including Windows explorer.

The drive is an HP DVD630i (which I understand is really a BENQ 1620) and is currently setup as the Secondary Master along with a slave CD-ROM that has always worked fine in the past.

It works with Nero, DVD Decrytper, DVD Clone, and others. It does not work with PowerDVD, Windows Explorer, and others.

When the computer is first booted up, the first disc in the drive is recognized by Windows Explorer and works fine with ALL the other problem software too. As soon as a I change the disc it no longer works with any of the problem software. The same issue occurs with the slave CD-ROM drive on the same IDE channel. (ie. change the disc and no worky).

I have updated the drives firmware (AH-26), the ASPI layer (Adaptec 4.6 and 4.72, and the newest Nero ASPI), and I have also moved the drive into every conceivable position on the IDE channel (single drive, master, slave, CSel, and even master to another CD-RW drive). I have also tried DMA, PIO, and numerous other settings changes.

Does anyone have any further thoughts, or is this drive garbage??

Please Help!!