DVD burner not recognized, but still burns



Hello, This is a bit frusterating. I have a Sony DVD RW DW-U50-A DVD/CD burner.

My problem is that inserted disks are not recognized, yet I am able to burn DVDs and ocassionally CD’s. I have used both Nero, Cheeta and both Clone Cd and DVD successfully.

Recently I have not been able to use MusicMatch to burn music CDs, though tha program will recognize data CDs.

Though not not a major inconvience, it is still frustrating.

Does any one have any ideas?


You cannot burn onto media that weren’t recognized.

Use aproper burning app (like you did, Nero) and then burn the data on cd or dvd you want.


Sorry, I think I worded my problem wrong.

When I put a cd or DVD in the drive, windows explorer will not recognize it. I cannot play DVDs, CD, or install software from my disk drive.

However, I am still able to burn Data disks, Video DVDs and sometime music CDs.

Pretty wierd huh? Any ideas on why this would be?


This is clearly a software/driver problem.

You might uninstall such software and re-install the needed ones properly.


I think I have the same problem, but i can play cd-dvd using nero showtime.