Dvd burner (not reading discs)



I just recently bought a Sony DRX-830u dvd burner. I inserted a dvd to make a backup of it and now it won’t read any discs at all. The computer recognizes the drive, the drivers are updated, firmware updated. But the damn thing won’t read anything that I put into the drive. Any suggestions? Thanks


the drive might be at fault , try booting from cd/dvd than youll know for sure (the windows cd will be a good choice)


I don’t want to sound like an idiot but how would I boot from the dvd drive? I am relatively new with computers.


Meaning that you’ll reboot your computer and put a disk into the drive and have your computer try to boot from the disk.


well basicly youll need to enter the bios (usally by pressing the “delete” key constantly after restarting,til it will come up) , and youll need to put the dvd drive first in boot device priority…, i know this aint a step by step explaination but i really cant give such unless i’ll know whats your motherboard , if you dont know then you can find out with pc wizard http://www.cpuid.org/download/pcw2007_v172.exe just look in the “mainboard” field


I’ll try booting it from the drive and see what happens.