Dvd burner not reading anything

I just bought a new amd 3000 and I have been having a serious problem reading cd’s.
Sometimes I have to eject the cd 3-9 times to read a cd and sometimes i have to restart the comp to get it to read.
I took the comp back and they replaced the burner and still not working, I then repaced the ide cable and still nothing. I even did a firmware update still nothing.
Can someone help me please and thank you. :sad:

Uh, that colour burns… :wink:

Check for Auto-Insert-Notification especially if you have programs like CloneCD/DVD, Alcohol and Nero installed.

thanks for the reply
I tried that but still nothing.
any other ideas

does it have via drivers for the motherboard???If it does i would remove them and use xp drivers for the ide. Just a guess??