Dvd burner not reading after nero7 install


Well my problem goes like this:

I have an LG GSA-4163B (over a year now), which has been working mighty fine. About a week ago I burned about 10 data dvds and then was away for a week.

After coming back, it seems nero stopped wanting to burn things - button is greyed out. Ok cool, found the drive not reading dvd disks at all… Thought it might have died. Did firmware update to A105 (from A101). Still same. Reading CD’s fine, showing up every where fine.

So yesterday I reinstalled winXP, and viola! Drive reading everything fine. Now installed nero7 again and bang, same problem. Drive just doesn’t want to read dvd’s (when double clicking on it doesn’t even spin the disc up in the usual manner to see the contents). Was working fine before installed nero7.

I’ve cleaned nero7 off, but it’s still not working. Anyone have an idea?

Thank you in advance!

Try to restore your system by Windows to 2 weeks earlier and see if the would resolve the issue.