DVD burner not read DVD discs



[qanda]This thread is about the Asus DRW-1608P. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have DVD burner (Asus-DRW1608P) which can’t read all DVD disk. I point out that my DVD was doing its job excellent until I tried to install some programs from CD an it resulted in windows failure and restarting my PC. From than I have this problem.
Now, it can read all CDs and original DVD but unoriginal ones, written on mine or my friends burners, it can’t. I upgraded its firmware v1.17 on v1.57, but it hasn’t fixed a problem.
If anyone has any idea please help!


What kind of software did you installed?
It may be easier to restore your registry with Window Restore to the day just before you installed the program.


This problem bug me about a month. In fact, software installation was not completed, and after that issue I have reinstalled windows so windows restore can’t help me. I pluged my DVD on other computer and no difference, same problem appeared again.


[QUOTE=ljubisa;2097209] I pluged my DVD on other computer and no difference, same problem appeared again.[/QUOTE]

If this is the case. I would try to reinstall firmware using other computer, before you do that, try to download firmware from the site again using that computer, if that does not work, than new DVD burner.


CDuncle, thank you for your advices.
In fact my PC at home, where my burner is installed, doesn’t have Internet connection and I downloaded firmware on my PC at my work. I installed it from flash stick at home. After that I took my burner to my work plugged and checked firmware version again.
Perhaps, my burner is beyond help but I can’t understand that it works partially.


I hope firmware update will do the trick.
It is quite possible that the laser or electronic is starting to fail.
Commercial DVD are pressed and they give stronger signal (better reflection) than burned once, so if laser is getting week than that would explain why it works the way it does.