DVD burner no longer working

I have a BenQ DW1620 in an external exclosure. Whenever I try to burn any files with Nero, it reaches a certain point and stops and will not continue no matter what I do. If I’m burning files on a disk, the burn dialog box will open and once the Used Read Buffer reaches 100% the progress bar will stop and go no further. In the box below the progress bar it says BenQ DW1620 Lead-In and shows an empty Read Buffer bar that never fills up. If I click cancel, the box that pops up indicating the burn process has been canceled will not show and the only way to stop it entirely is to unplug the drive. I know that nothing is being burned because the light on the front of my drive is always green (red means its recording). I tried replacing the DVD burner in the enclosure with another drive (a CD burner) and that one worked fine. Does anyone know what the problem is or how to solve it? Hopefully I wont have to get a brand new drive.

Edit: I tried with Alcohol 120 v1.9.2 (1705) and it wouldn’t burn either. I have Nero v6.6.0.8