Dvd burner no longer recognizes dvd's

I am running windows xp pro sp3. This computer will no longer recognize dvd’s, blank or recorded, though it does recognize cd’s and
will burn cd’s. No matter what dvd burner I install, the results are the
same. For one or two times the dvd burner will recognize the disk, and
then it won’t. I have tried everything I know, short of a clean re-install
to fix the problem. I have done the upper/lower filter thing, etc.
Any suggestions or answers would be appreciated.

I would say to replace the DVD Burner with a good Drive, like LG or Plextor, and probably a Blu-ray Burner. It sounds like you have replaced it, but make sure through Device Manager that it is installed properly and use good Media like Verbatim. :cool:

Hi and Welcome!

you did install several optical drives, and always the same problem? Looks like a software issue then. Or did you mean different softwares when you wrote “dvd burner”?

Could you please install ImgBurn (source: www.imgburn.com), attempt to burn a DVD and post the log even if it failed?


I have tried an Asus, an LG, a Hitachi (original drive), and a Sony. Same results. It has to be something in
the operating system or the motherboard. All the registry entries seem to be correct. At a total loss, but
there must be answer.

Yes, I use imgburn. I unintalled Nero and no longer use that . I have no packet writing software on the computer.
I actually installed three other different dvd burners, the same result. An Asus, A LG, a Sony, and the original drive
was an Hitachi. Where is the log stored and how do I post it?

Click on Help within ImgBurn. You’ll see a listing for ImgBurn Logs.

Just copy and paste the log here in your thread.

Also within ImgBurn, there is an easy way to remove upper and lower filters if you want to try that again. Click on Tools–>Filter Driver Load Order and then remove any filters you find there. Reboot after doing this.