DvD Burner No longer Reading New DvD's

Ok so I have an older dvd burner it is the Sony dru 500a the first dual format burner.

I have been making backups of my dvd’s with no problem for a while. Other than the changing of software to bypass protection.

But now since about a week ago i started to have a problem, My drive does not recognize a original DVD. It will read cd’s and previously backed up copies without problem.

But I have put in my copy of Curious George to back up for my daughter and it wont read the disk. Never recognizes the disk. Disk activity light stays on for a while and so does my hdd light but nothing happens. I should mention I have tried several other new dvd’s with no luck.

If i open windvd it will take forever but recognizes the disk but does not play it. It just freezes up.

Any ideas???

Hi DEDMON5811 and Welcome to our forum. Your other thread, the same one as this was deleted in the CD-DVD Copy Protection forum, we call this crossposting and is against forum rules, so please remember this and maybe if you have some time you could read the rules so this would not be necessary. Hope you get some help here.:clap:

Yeah Sorry didnt see the other one showing wasnt sure if it had been deleted. Sorry for the repost.

No worrys, just read the forum rules and you will be fine. Lets consentrate on your problem now and see if we can help you.
Maybe your disc has become scratched or dirty. Sometimes a bad source disc can cause this.:confused: Try changing your IDE ribbon, this may also be a cause.

Well it is quite unusual I have tried several different disks, Could it be the disk publisher? I think these new ones were all made by the same company. It has been Accepted, Curious George, Da vinci Code, and you, me and dupree. All of these movies will not read but my other backups and cd’s will.

No one could help so I bought a new burner. Works great now.