DVD burner never worked



i have a Liteon DVDRW SOHW 16735 and since ive installed in my computer it will play, but wont record. ive used both +RW and +R disc. everytime i try to record it keeps saying a error occured. any ideas?


What are you using and what oter burning apps do you ave installed. What OS are you using? Can you post a screen shot of the log when it shows error? What is the media code of the dvd’s that you are using? Are you using a current firmware?

Sorry about all the questions but all of them will help someone pinpoint your situation or guide you in the right direction.


using nero 6.0, op is windows xp home. disc are memerorex dvd+rw. the player is only a month old


First thing you should do is update your version of Nero.


Why don’t you try -R discs?


Hey showgun… We need lots more info. What does the error message say? Make sure the drive is configured the same way your old one was. ie. Master, Slave, or Cable Select. Make sure the drive is set to DMA. What A.S.P.I. layer are you using. You can run Nero info tool to find this out. Answer these and someone should be able to help trbl shoot better.