Dvd burner model number

Hi, i have a external dvd burner and on the burner the model is sony drx-820u but in the device manager it says its a dru-820a now i found a firmware upgrade for the dru-820a can i use this one.

For what I know external burners have different firmwares, so you can’t use the fw for the internal drive on the external one.

The only way to do this is doing a crossflash, but I don’t know how.

yes u can raider. Ive got the drx-800ul, go to www.sonyisstorage.com , the support section. You;ll see the drivers for the internel 820a are the same as the 820ul. Its the same for the 800ul and 800a sony internal and external writers.

ooops, :o Because of benq 1640 and its external version use different firmwares even if are the same drive, I thought that also for the Sony drives is the same thing.

Sorry for my error :flower:


Is your drive a DRX-820UL? Then you will find latest firmware on http://www.sonyisstorage.com/ ->Warranty&Support->DVD-RW->Firmware
I would not recommend using other firmware unless you know exactly what you do.

@Geno: There are some exceptions from your rule. At least Liteon has the same firmware for internal and external drives.


I just learnt a new thing :slight_smile: