DVD Burner/Media Temperature causes errors

Ok, newbie here and this is my first psot. DOnt flame or whine if this is a repost since I dont plan to post here often…

After making more copies of DVD movies from copies I already have (so copies of copies) I noticed something very very odd…

The internal temperature of the DVD Drive I use to read the source disc as well as the disc itself will cause errors in CloneDVD2 IF the temperature (physical Fº) is too high.

I did a few tests to conclude my findings…

i placed the DVDs (source/read dvds) in the fridge to get them cold and then started up CloneDVD2 and ran its process…

got to 51% without errors, then it comes up witht he typical “disc may be dirty, etc” error.

After taking nearly 3 hours to do one full copy process I thought Id try a few more things…

IF I leave the disc out on the desk to “cool” for a few minutes as well as leave the DVD bay door open to let air circulate inside the burner, i can get nearly 30%+ more done before it errors me out again.

I wont go into too much detail but I have found so far that my combination of cheap DVD Burner (sony) and cheap blank media (compusa brand) has so far been annoying to re-copy.

the original copy process from real to blank media is fine, but copy to blank is hard as the copied disc likes to give errors.

either the sony laser to read the disc is getting lame on me, the laser used to burn the info onto the media isnt doing very good OR the cheap media just doesnt work too good.

just wanted to share this info and get any insight on this.

yes my case is properly cooled, DVD Drive (Sony) IS NEW (3 months old, DVD burner is old (1+ year).

My only other theory is replace the burner as the laser may eb going out and see if a new burner will burn more precise copies therefore making easier to read media after the burn process

you haven’t stated the media IDs of the discs you’re using or the make and model of your drive and the firmware revision that is installed on it.

you also haven’t stated what the temperature is inside your case or what program you’re using to monitor the temperature so we really don’t know if your case is “properly cooled”

you also haven’t stated the software that you’re copying with or the specific titles you’re copying and if they’re different from test to test.

also opening a post by tellign us “not to whine” isn’t a good way to start off on the right foot!

welcome to the forum, but please be advised that there are too many variables you have not controlled for to state conclusive findings of your testing…

@ eckoinlasvegas,

As noted by Forum Member reasonsnotrules in your posting you have failed to provide absolutely no information on exactly what hardware, software, or DVD Media you are using.

I also echo Forum Member reasonsnotrules comments concerning your comments about not whining. Thats not getting started off on the right foot.

If you have a temperature problem as you indicate that you might have you need to do some preventative maintenance on you computer before you cause permanent damage to some expensive hardware components. In a properly functioning computer you should not be producing temperatures that would cause to user to take any unusual measures such as cooling DVD media in a refrigerator or having to need to keep you DVD Burner tray door open to keep it cool. This is a classic indication of a poor and insufficient computer case cooling problem.

Since you failed to provide any information as to what software program you are using but are posting in the CloneDVD forum it is assumed that you are using the CloneDVD software program. There is definitely some malfunction for it to take 3 hours to make a backup copy of a Commercial DVD Movie Title using the CloneDVD software program. Usually it only takes approximately 20-25 minutes to produce a backup copy of a Commercial DVD Movie Titles

Suggestions ->

Physically open your computer case and ensure the interior is free of any dust accumulation and all inlet and outlet opening are free of any obstructions. Also ensure the all wiring and cables are routed in a manner that does not impede airflow. With the case side cover off turn on your computer and ensure that booth the front intake fan and the rear outlet fans are spinning at their normal speed.

Visit SlySoft (http://www.slysoft.com) and download the latest versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD. Always when posting at the Forum state the version number of the software you are using.

Visit PC World and read this article concerning DVD Firmware (http://www.pcworld.com/howto/article/0,aid,115672,00.asp). Then visit the Sony/Lite-On DVD Forum (http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=44) and ensure that your unidentified Sony DVD Burner has the latest most recent up to date Firmware installed.

Visit the CD Freaks Blank Media Forum (http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=33) and obtain information on known reliable quality DVD Media.

Visit either DVD Identifier (http://dvd.identifier.cdfreaks.com) or DVDInfo (http://www.dvdinfopro.com). When making Forum postings concerning DVD Media provide the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) (Example: TYG020) of the DVD Media. Either DVD Identifier or DVDInfo will reveal the MID of your DVD Media.

View this Forum posting concerning DMA IDE channel settings (http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=150240) and note Forum Member ireland’s posting #4 comments.

I hope with the information contained above that you are able to get your computer functioning properly and when using the latest versions of AnyDVD-CloneDVD are able to make backup copy of at Commercial DVD Movie Titles in 20-25 minutes.

Best Regards,

actually this was simply an observation. i wasnt looking for any help!

no where on this forum section did I see “technical” or “help”. this is simply an observation and used as an informative post. that is all. if for some reason it is in the wrong section then please move the thread.

And just so you know:

Sony DVD-Rom: DDU1622
Sony DVD-RW: DRU-530a (no reference to this drive)

Any DVD: Vewrsion
CloneDVD2: Version

Internal temps are monitored by a software program as well as using 14 cooling fans.

ok…that’s fine that you’re not asking for help, but i still don’t think your tests were very controlled. there’s still a lot of information lacking that i mentioned in my first response.

as a result, i don’t think anything can really be drawn from these observations.

media id and firmware revision (still not mentioned by you) are probably 2 of the key factrs along with WHAT software program you’re using to measure temperatures inside your case and what parts of your computer are actually being measures. some programs are more reliable than others.

with 14 cooling fans, i’d be inclined to say temperature has absolutely nothing to do with your findings and other uncontrolled variables like media id, burn speed, firmware of the drives, and so on are at fault for all of your failed burns.

also, i just noticed that the discs you are having ripping problems with are backups themselves. have you been able to run disc quality scans on these backups to ensure that they are readable under other conditions? i’m willing to bet you have very poor burns to begin with probably stemming from poor media quality and/or outdated firmware and/or too high a burning speed contributing to the read errors on these discs.

then you’re saying that you have write errors probably ALSO due to the same problems that created the poor backups to begin with.

Is this a joke?

@ eckoinlasvegas,

If you are not seeking assistance with your problem what is the purpose of your posting?

I took the effort any time to respond to your initial posting and provided suggested actions to assist in correcting your problem.

There is no indication that you made any effort to avail yourself to any of these suggestions.

What exactly are you seeking to accomplish by posting in this Forum?

Suggest saving yourself time and due other Forum Members a favor and avoid posting of this nature in the future. Posting of this nature wastes Forum bandwidth and serve no useful purpose.

Best Regards,

P.S. -> I have worked on computers for over 20 years and have never seen a computer with 14 cooling fans.


I’ve noticed also that the discs in my DVD burner (Liteon), after each burn, were very hot.

I decided to change the burner from the upper bay to a lower bay in the case. After that, the results of each burned disc improved. I’ve mentioned it to C0deking in a tread. Wind (Liteon employee, which is colaborating in the Liteon’s burners issues) replyed:

“Gordon, it is very good of you to find this. Temperature is too high may make the sensitivity to the power of the dye on the disc to be lower. Do you get it? (My God, my English is poor!)”

actually this was simply an observation. i wasnt looking for any help!


just wanted to share this info and [U]get any insight on this[/U].

Request for Help/knowledge??

by the way 14 cooling Fans? what you running, a deep freezer?

by the way 14 cooling Fans? what you running, a deep freezer?

LOL @SuperBurn good one mate

There should be some place where such “anecdotal observations” can be posted … the main point of EchoinLasVegas’s original post is that temperature can affect a DVD burner’s performance … it’s something that a lot of people never think about when they complain about poor quality media on the basis of poor disc scan quality results.

My last batch of AZO dyed Verbatim MCC03RG20s produced lots of burns with a high number of PIF spikes at the beginning of the burn when I burned them on an Optiarc AD7280S running the latest official firmware a few months ago … I was getting Quality scores of 40 or less on what was supposed to be quality media (sorry I no longer have the spindle wrapper to identify where the discs were manufactured but they aren’t those DataLife discs that people complain about). I just assumed that I had a bad batch of discs since I still get very good scan results with burns on Taiyo Yuden 8x discs. Anyway, I just tried burning a few more of the Verbatims again … it’s the middle of Winter here in Australia … now I’m making great burns (disc quality scans in the 90s). So the only difference I can see is that I’m doing them while the room is still cold (while I wait for my heater to warm the room). I think it’s something good to report somewhere even though this forum thread may not be the right place.