DVD burner making noises


My new DVD burner (LG GSA H10A) was making strange noises when reading multisession disks, while trying to retrieve first session info.

Now, when starting the recording the burner make noise during a minute or so. After this, the burning goes normally apparently, but after a minute or so, the recording fails. This was the situation with one disk.

After this I tried with a second disk. This time, the noises lasted more time and after the noises, the recording fails.

The noise is like a tooth slipping along a toothed bar (rack and pinion gear).

The media used is Samsung Pleomax DVD-R 8x. The burner firmware is JL02 (original, I had not changed firmware)

What could be the cause of this problem? Could be the unit mechanically defective?

Thanks a lot.

This media is the purest crap…

Use better media and disable Multisession on DVD!

burner might be defective/check a prerecorded DVD to be sure!