DVD Burner/LAN problems

Right heres the deal. I have a windows XP PC and its fast enough (i don’t think this problem is related to the specs of my PC so i’ll skip them). I have a lite-on 812@832s burner, and everything has been fine for a long time.

However recently i noticed two problems. One is that my burner will no longer burn DVDs in the correct way, the buffer just drops to zero, the light turns orange (hence is pauses burning) and the buffer fills up again and its off on its merry way (does this lots of times during one burn). CD’s burn fine, everything reads fine. I’ve never had this problem before. The second problem happened about the same time (hence i think they are related) and it is that i have my xbox connected to my PC for FTP purposes. Its always been fine, ran at maximum speed but now at best it runs at 3mb/s, i have not changed anything and besides i’m not a dummy, i would know if i done something to it and how to fix it.

Heres what i think the problem is, i just want other opinions before i go shell out for a new burner. My hard drive has been quite full for most of its life, i have a 120gb unbranded 7200rpm IDE drive. Both of the above problems happened at the same time so i thought the hard drive couldn’t sustain such “high” transfer rates in order to keep the buffer filled up or to transfer at 10mb/s. I’ve used defragmenters, one of them crashed when i done an optimised defrag, and other tell me my hard drive takes 1.5 times longer than it should to access files. When i do an ordinary defrag i get about 3% improvement. And by the way, windows takes an age to shut down, and i mean like 10 minutes, no joke.

Now is it the burner and the motherboard thats the issue or is it the hard drive? Sorry for the long post, cheers.

I doubt that it’s hardware related. If the burner is failing that won’t affect the network etc.

I’d look at what else is running on your system, do adware & anti-virus check.

I’d also go back to standard clocking just for now so as to rule that out.

I’ve gone back to standard clocking and its the same thing, i run scans all the time so my PC is pretty clean i think. I had a thought, 1x DVD burning is like 8x CD isn’t it? So if i was to burn a cd at 32x it would tell me if it a hardware related issue. Plus the PC will happily play a DVD, but when i decrypt any DVD with DVD decrypter it takes over double the length it used to take, only runs at 2x now (i have never limited decrypter to a certain speed before).

That sounds like a DMA problem if ripping is so slow.

DMA is on for the burner, and off for the hard drive, so is that the way its supposed to be? I also enabled S.M.A.R.T for the hard drive, probably around about the same time as everything else, would this cause a problems like this? I’ll update my bios as well and see what happens, i also reflashed the firmware and it made no difference.

DMA should be on for all HD & optical drives. I think that’s the problem as data transfer to/from the HD is going to be very slow. Slow ripping & slow burning, possible slow network transfer as well.

S.M.A.R.T. should be fine, I’ve never experienced any problems with it on.

Thankyou for your help, it turns out that you were correct. I couldn’t actually enable DMA for the hard drive just by going to the settings, i had to to regedit on it and reboot, it now detects it as a DMA device and although i haven’t burned anything yet, the PC shut down faster, booted up faster and is in general faster. I will try a burn to see if it works.

The site i used can be found here for anyone interested or if anyone has the same problem. Thanks again :slight_smile: