DVD Burner issues


Im sure something along these lines has been posted in the past, but being a newbie i can’t find any information.

I have recently purchased a new LG GH22NP20, 22x DVD writer.

I have installed it fine and my version of windows XP has found and installed it for me. I have tried updating the driver and that is as up to date as can be.

My problem is that it wont allow me to burn DVD’s. I have tried using ImgBurn, MagicISO burner and Nero 8. It burns CD’s fine with no problem but when it comes to DVD’s i have no luck.

I have tried uninstalling the drive via the device manager and reinstalling it. I have tried TDK, Verbatim and ASDA! dvd media, I have tried setting it as the master drive, then the slave drive, I have taken out my other DVD drive so it is the only drive in my computer. I just dont know where to go next.

It recognises the blank media and sets the size and speed accordingly then when i try to burn, it gets to 3% the green light on the drive goes out and it just continuously spins until i cancel the burn process. Then it goes on a few more percent and ejects my dvd leaving me with yet another drinks coaster.

Can anyon help me and advise me where im going wrong??

Many thanks,

Did you try to set burning speed at, let say, half of media rated speed?
If that does not work, I would return the drive.
You tried everything else.
One more think. Is drive set for DMA.
There are reports that drives some time reset to PIO mode.

I was worried i may have to take it back.

I am not sure what DMA / PIO is. How can i check this?

You can check that in a Device manager.
My Computer-Properties-Hardware-Device Manager.
Once there open IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
You will see two Primary and two Secondary IDE channels.
Click on each and open Advance Setting, there you see what it is set to.
DMA= Direct Memory Access
PIO= Programmed Input/output

Are you using 80 wire cable for connection to your DVD drive?