Dvd Burner Issues

I have an Aopen duw1608 burner, have had it for 5 months and have burnt 50 dvd with no problem(Phillips 1 to 4x DVD+r), my spindle was out so i bought some Sony 8x DVD+R, it will burn fine using a number of different programs and play on my computer after but when i go to put them in my DVD player on my tv it reads bad disk. Happened with all the Sony’s i used, so I went back to the old phillips and burnt a movie with them again and i get the same results, works on my computer drives but not the DVD player, where 50 of them did before. I have updated firmware for the burner(no help) and then went back to old firmware and still no luck. Very frustrated, nothing that I burn now will play on my DVD player for the tv, I am doing the same thing as before but now they will not work. The only thing that changed is that used the new Sony’s for a bit. Anyone help me. Thanks

take a philips dvd+r that played fine before on the dvd player and try it again does it still play fine? if not then i suggest youll rma the dvd player or get a new one , if it does play on the dvd player then the burner is likely at fault rma it , anyway aopen drives are basicly crap and your drive is no exception http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/171/1

Thanks for the reply, my dvd player is not the problem because it still plays all previously burnt dvds, just not the ones since yesterday. What woulld be the reasons that my computer plays the dvds but not my dvd player, is it just compatibility of the drives…weird that is all began when I started to use the Sony’s instead of the Phillips dvds. Any other suggestions would be appreicated. Thanks.

If you have time, energy, and some money to spend:

  1. Check the media code of Philips medium, you have used previously.
  2. Check the media code of Sony, you have bought.
    (You can do it with DVDIdentifier (Google for it). This way you will learn who is the manufacturer as well as what media to avoid and what to prefer).
  3. If you can, buy Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Ricoh.
  4. Change the software you burn with.

Finally, use a good, reliable medium (mentioned above) and another software (preferably proven to be good, for example CloneDVD2) and test.