Dvd burner issue

I have a lite on DVD rw LH 18A1P well its a dvd rewritable drive but pc reads it as a dvd ram.so there fore wont burn movies.why is this? and all I also have is a cd rom drive.the rom is master the dvd is slave. whats this happenng for? I have a custom built pc.Its a biostar mother board has p4 3 gig cpu with ht. 512 mb ddr 3200 memory.80 gig sata hard drive. and running xp home sp2 can anyone help?

The 18A1P will be detected as a DVD RAM drive as that is what it is.

What DVD writing application are you using as the burning program built into XP will not burn to DVD’s.

I know it seems as if this was talked about before.but my issue is a bit different.I have a Lite on LH18A1P dvd rw drive. well I installed it a few days back then downloaded burning software it burned the disc way too fast and wont play. so after searching and some adjustments the drive reads as dvd ram which it is not. when I insert a dvd -r it thinks its a cd r I have nero 6, vision express 2, dvd decryptor, dvd shrink 3.2, Blaze media Pro and Deep Burner pro and guess what no do any burning.Nero wont shrink the movie avi file to fit the disc. and when I insert a dvd -r in the drive in my computer it reads a cd rom with dvd-r.Ive done everything I could even a brand new 80 wire ide cable set the jumper from master to slave and went to my bios but it reads as the dvd rw drive and device manager reads as same.I am soo lost here if no one can help me Ill try Liteon Monday but I hope some can give me ideas to try thanks guys!

That drive is capable of burning DVD-RAM which is why it’s shown as that by Explorer. Also Explorer will show any DVD burner as CD-ROM when a blank DVD is loaded.

So nothing wrong so far.

What does “burned the disk way too fast” really mean?

As for “the disc won’t play” , is that on a standalone DVD player or on the burner itself and what were you trying to burn to it.

my issueis tha my pc thinks my dvd burner is a cd burner when I put a dvd in.none of my software will burn my avi movies.I have a cd rom and dvd burner.completely unhooked my cd rom and still nothing.my computer shows it as dvd ram which its a dvd burner. device manager shows as dvd rw but I cannot burn movies?
my system specs are as followed.
Ultra P4M8007A
80 gig sata HDD
512 mb ddr3200 memory
windows xp home sp2
Liteon dvd rw drive
P4 3 gig cpu with ht
Ive tried bout everything including new ide cable jumper settings uninstall reinstall nothing is working.can someone help me.Ive even went into start regedit and did all tha nothing changed!In serious need of help or opinions!

Why not reinstall the OS and get a complete restart.
almost every softare problem can be solved in this way

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Convert your AVI files to DVD files, for example with WinAVI or NeroVision Express.

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see thas the problem Nero wont do it and Im not reinstalling my os.I have burned a few movies and they wont play on neither.I tried winavi but I dont want the wording on the screen why im watching it.and Im tryin to get my dvd burner to burn avi to vob to play in my stand alone home dvd player.and dvd decryptor and dvd shrink 3.2 dont see the drive.and Ive deleted both upper and lower filters and nothing changed.Guess Ill have to call liteon Monday.

Here is a Microsoft hotfix that could solve your problems.I had these kind of issues with a new Lite-On drive and it worked fine.http://support.microsoft.com/kb/883523/en-us

I was messing with it some today and noticed something odd.prerecorded dvds play but no audio and movies I burned wont play at all but will play in my stand alone dvd player.but my audio works fine as Im listening to songs right now? and I pop a dvd in the drive and the pc reads it as a cd.

Open Device Manager, uninstall the DVD drive, and reboot Windows which will reinstall the drive and perhaps correct the problems. Also some drives have instructions to set and connect as Master, and you might try resetting as Master to see if that helps.