DVD burner is seen as CD burner

This is most likely an OS problem, but thought I’d post, just in case someone may have an idea.

OS: Win98SE, two optical drives: CD rw and DVD rw.

Everything was working fine until last night when I tried to reinstall INCD on my system. It wouldn’t go, because it was missing a loader and something to do with dcom98. --I ran dcom. But it made no diff.

Shut down System.

This morning, “My Computer” shows that I have two CD drives instead of a CD and a DVD.

In the control panel, system, devices. It lists CD drives and under that heading show the CD and DVD drives (at least the labels). Properties say both drives are working.

Nero Info tool shows me having a CD and DVD burner in the system. ASPI is working. Everything looks normal.

But, the DVD burner will not record to DVDs. It will play a DVD that was recorded as data, but gives the capacity of the DVD as being full, when it isn’t. A CDFC burned DVD will not play. The system freezes. It also freezes when I put in blank media, read its properties, then remove it.

I also tried reflash the firmware NEC 2500A 1.0b. --at the end, the system crashed. (black screen). But NERO still shows the firmware as being installed, so I think it’s ok?

As a fix I unistalled INCD: didn’t help.
I removed both optical drives from the CP|System|Device Manager, and rebooted. --didn’t help.
Once, Windows reinstalled the hardware, it still comes up as two CD burners; even though the CP|System|Device Manager|CD drives| still shows a CD and DVD burner installed and working without a problem.

Sounds like an OS problem to me, but maybe not–what matters is does anyone have experience or an idea how to fix this?

Oh, the BIOS shows a DVD & CD burner. But, Windows says it has loaded two CD devices. The option to boot into windows from a CD or a DVD, now is boot from a CD.

Thanks, Bob

That is a glitch in the explorer.
Nothing to worry about.