Dvd Burner is running slower

I have had this problem several times, my dvd burner will start reading disc slower and not functioning at optimal level. I was trying to copy a movie but for some reason, whether it was scratched or what, just stopped copying in dvdfab before I got to the burn step. Now my dvd burner is running slower, where it use to copy a movie at like 5 to 7 megs now it can only copy at like about 2.5 megs. Any ideas how to reset this? Thanks


You’ll probably have to reset the DMA settings of the IDE controller. There is a post regarding this subject. Try searching using DMA as the subject. It took care of it for me.

Aldog in general setting there is a reset DMA button, click on that and reset the DMA and see if that works for you :slight_smile:

This is probably the thread that [B]skipriffe[/B] was referring to. Read it here .

If you download the trial of the Platnium Version of Fab you can do it within the program.


I checked my dma settings and they are already set to the correct setting as stated, but it is still running slow. Anymore suggestions. Thanks for the help so far.

You might check to see if you are set to SAO or Packet Writing for one thing. Also check your I/O Mode and see if it’s set for Auto or SPTI. I read earlier that it should be set to SPTI for a better burn. I would suggest you defrag your HD too.The better it’s running, the faster it can store info. Good Luck