DVD Burner is giving huge error at 1.2GB on Neros "DVD speed" test..help!

ok i am having problems with my current dvd burner on my computer. I have been backing up every movie i own with Verbatim dvd-r’s. After i burn them, i make sure i get a good burn with Neros CD/DVD speed test. For about a half of a year now, i would get very good results. Just starting last week though, i have noticed a huge spike in this Nero test at around the 1.2GB mark on every dvd in the past week. It does affect the dvd as it skips with about 25 minutes into the movie. Oh yeah, it isnt the dvd’s because i have tried other brands of blank dvd’s and the same spike failure shows up.

Can somone please help me out on this one and identify the problem. Could it be that my dvd burner is just worn out, does this happen?? Or do i need to update firmware, could that help? Is there a fix for this?

The best thing is to post the graphic display from CD-DVD Speed. That’ll tell us the burner,firmware & media.

mcc 03rg30 verbatim 16 dvd-r.
TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H552B with GA05 firmware

The graphic display is still needed really so we can see exactly what’s happening with the burn.

ok ill do that tonight when i get home from work