DVD burner is driving me mad

My DVD burner is playing up and after hours of trying to resolve the problem myself its time to admit I’m beat and ask someone who knows what there doing. About two months ago I noticed that when I burn a DVD with my burner and try and watch it on my DVD player (home not computer) the sound is very low. Now I have had a look at the settings even though they mean nothing to me and now I have lost the ability to alter the speed settings when burning. Don’t know what I have done to make this happen but its now starting to bug me. The only thing I can see what doesn’t look right is the following settings which can be found in the burner properties under InCD.

Drive Capabilities Info
Drive support MRW read yes
Drive support MRW write No
Drive support DRT-DM No

The only info on the burner is that it’s a standard Microsoft CD-DVD burner


Remove INCD now! It, along with most packet writing software, causes multiple burning problems. See Here.

But before you remove InCD, I suggest you copy the contents of any InCD formatted discs to other media or to a harddrive.

You might be able to access the contents after removing InCD but then again you might not, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Ok when i get home tonight i will copy InCD to my D: Drive and then remove the software. I will let you know what happens.

That is not the solution unto itself. You should reburn ALL of the discs that were done using InCD. Trust us-I’ve been there with this one and indeed there is NO guarantee that the discs are readable in every drive. For those wondering this gets even worse when you switch to Record Now/Roxio-Sonic DLA Drag-n-Drop. Don’t ask. BTW: You will want to do a complete uninstall of Nero (including Registry references) if you are going to change programs.
So get the files off the cd’s and on to media without ANY packey Writing programs involved. I switched completely to AShampoo’s Burning Studio 6 and love it. Works for most every task and drive you can throw at it.
Just my 2 cents! :slight_smile:

I removed InCD after copying it in case it was needed again, but the burner was still only letting me burn at slow speed. I removed Nero 6 which is the software I’m using rebooted computer then reinstalled the Nero software. The first disc burn after gave me all my speed options but the next was back to one option very slow. Any more suggestions anyone?

The disc’s I’m using are Verbatim DVD+ 4.7GB 120min times 16 speeds. I have tried other discs from the pack and even bought a new pack to prove it’s not a disc problem.

Can someone recommend a free program that will burn DVDs. That way I can remove Nero again just to prove whether it’s a problem with that.