DVD Burner Installation Trouble



I recently purchased an NEC DVD Burner (ND-3520A) from Newegg.com. I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to hardware installation, and probably should have looked into it a bit more before purchasing this.

My computer came with 2 cd drives - one a burner, and one just a reader. I took out the burner (which was on the bottom, and was plugged into the slots further from the end of the cable [slave?]), and plugged in my NEC drive. Now my computer freezes on the Windows login screen after about 2 seconds. It’ll stay like that for about 30 seconds, and then restart. Could it be a problem with incompatable… cable speeds? Or something like that? Or do I need to reconfigure some bios settings?

[my drive specs]

I’m running Windows XP SP2, on a Dell Dimension 4600. Any help or suggestions you could provide would be greatly appreciated…


Did you set your Jumper to slave (on back of drive) as it looks like you installed it in the slave position?


On the back of your old burner there will be a jumper (a little black plastic cap that covers two metal prongs) which will be either set to master, slave or cable select (depending on which two pins/prongs the jumper covers there may be an abbreviation like “ma” to indicate master or “sl” to indiate slave). Whichever your old burner was set to, your new burner should be set to the same. But be aware your that you should check your new burner for the markings to indicate which pins the jumper should cover, as it may not be the same two pins that are covered on your old burner.

Hope this helps.


Here’s a pic to show you what I mean.

You can see the abbreviations for master, slave and cable select.

The jumper should be positioned vertically below whichever setting your old burner was set to.


If this post doesn’t become a sticky I am going to include it in my sig. Nicely done, this question comes up all the time and a picture is worth a 1000 words. I still remember the poster who kept insisting there were no jumpers on his drive.


Thanks for the help. Yes, the jumper on my old drive covered the slave pins, and the jumper on my new drive is covering the master pins, but is in the slave position.

So I should pull the jumper out, and put it over the slave pins? Should I use needle-nose pliers?


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You can use your fingernails or a set of tweezers, Needle nose pliers may be a little big the jumper has little indentations on it so you get a hold of it easily.


Pliers are overkill as it just slides on so be gentle. Yes, cover slave pins.


Woo hoo, it’s working! Thanks a lot.


Glad to hear it :slight_smile: